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backpacking tents backpackedhome Backpacking tents come in various sizes from two to four people. Are camping tent vacations really becoming more popular? Could you be missing out on savings of over 60% off your vacation because of you do not know where to start? Many people are discovering camping tent options close to home to be fun, safe and cheap alternatives to fly-drive-hotel vacations. Maintaining the quality of camping tents is essential; a tent is usually the only thing that stands between a camper and survival. You may want to purchase a tent with lots of screened vents and possibly a screened eating canopy as well. For extreme weather or travel tours, these tents are not recommendable, due to their bigger weight and pack size and higher pitch effort. Berlin writes about family camping and backpacking, giving tips about planning your trip, choosing the right equipment and managing your camping holiday. But if you have a question on different camping tents you can always contact them. Possible locations include national parks, state parks, local parks and government recreational areas. Good waterproofing capabilities are what you must look for even if that means spending a few extra bucks.* Heavy duty zippers are a must because these are going to be regularly used.* One-piece tub floor made of waterproof material and without any seams so that water does not leak in your camping tents.* Buy camping tents which are relatively simple to erect especially if you are a first-time camper. They are extremely lightweight enabling them to be carried along with the backpack when people are traveling by foot to out of the way places. As this article is geared toward family camping, we’ll stay with the large family style camping tents.